Michael + Carrie Sue: Wedding

From the very first consultation, everything about Michael and Carrie Sue meshed with us perfectly. They met on eHarmony, just like my wife and I had 2 1/2 years ago. Their personalities, faith, and goals also coincided with ours and we hit it off right away. Photographing their wedding felt like working with friends, not clients. (We make this our goal with every wedding.) It truly was a pleasure to get to know Michael, Carrie Sue, and her 5 year old son Elijah. We’re really disappointed that they’ll be moving but hope to see them occasionally when they visit our area.

Their wedding centered around family and sharing this special day with them. Everything was kept small and intimate, which meant they chose not to have a bridal party. This allowed us to spend much of the day with the just three of them, relaxed and having a great time. They were laid back and, because of the rain, they even busted out their rain boots for many of the shots. Make sure to check out Carrie Sue’s photos with her cool Bogs boots underneath her wedding dress!

Carrie Sue teared up during our initial meeting as we discussed her wedding day. This day meant more to her than words could express and she desired to share it with photographers that would add to the experience. We love her photos and hope we were able to deliver that experience for Carrie Sue and all those close to her.

Best wishes Carrie Sue, Michael, and Elijah. We consider you friends and are excited for the future that lies ahead of you.